05/05. Friday

19:00 Trueba cinemas 1

The Dream is just in my Mind

Miguel Ariza (Spain - 2022 - 5’ - VO - Opera prima - Basque Country Premiere)

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Cybernetic memories of demijohns, tuned-up cars and pills kept in a drawer come to the surface with the anthem of the best time in the history of Spain in terms of having a good time. The Dream Is Just In My Mind explores and delves into the testimonies, in Youtube commentary format, of those who experienced the now mythical Ruta del Bakalao in their flesh.

Data sheet

  • Director: Miguel Ariza
  • Year: 2022
  • Country: Spain
  • Length: 5 min.
  • Original language: Spanish
  • Editor: Miguel Ariza
  • Leadings: Miguel Ariza
  • Producers: Irene Sdoud

Miguel Ariza

Miguel Ariza

Miguel Ariza (Madrid, 1996) is a director and editor. He studied editing at the ECAM in 2022. His interest in film lies both in the creation of works inclined towards fiction (Gotelé, 2020) and documentary (Dreams, 2022; The Dream Is Just In My Mind, 2022), in which he repeats the idea of memory and trace, whether from the YouTube comments that we leave behind or those songs that marked our lives. He is part of the audiovisual collective El Hechizado together with Ignacio Peñalver and Nicolás Fernández-montes.