Dock of the Bay 2023, 16 years in constant evolution

One more edition exploring the intersections between music, film and people. One more edition of shared experiences. One more edition, we will dance and clap with excitement from our seats. We will discover new emerging talents, broaden our horizons and challenge our own perceptions.

Over the years, we have worked to become a festival that adapts to the transformations and demands of the film scene, always maintaining our essence and commitment to the city and the public. This sixteenth edition is the result of a continuous effort to offer a platform for meeting and dialogue around film and music as engines of change and reflection.

In this sixteenth edition, we will continue our commitment to quality and independent cinema. Offering unprecedented programming and promoting dialogue between creators-and spectators. We are committed to inclusion and diversity, to opening up spaces for reflection and bringing us closer to the world. In addition, we will strive to be a festival that respects our environment, promotes a slow culture and that you can feel close to. A festival where the human aspect is present and people are the measure of all the acts.

Get ready, one more year, to immerse yourselves in new musical worlds, full of astonishment and emotion. Welcome, welcome, one more year, to Dock of the Bay.

Dock of the Bay, 16 years of: Film and music, city and community, universes and stories, reflections and analysis, emotions and dialogues, encounters and applause, dances and conversations, narratives and talent, identities and challenges, rhythms and amazement, melodies and premieres, inspiration and resilience.