02/05. Tuesday

21:00 Trueba cinemas 1

PVC eta Aluminiozko Zatitxoak

Jon Martija (Spain - 2023 - 6' - VO - Opera prima - International Premiere)

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Does anyone remember the Tolosa band The Window Ventanas? The discovery in a storage room of some video tapes forgotten 30 years ago has brought to light the tour that this group did in Switzerland in 1993. The success they had in this country was similar to the one they had in their native Euskadi. If you don't remember the group, draw your own conclusions. This is a road movie of jokes, tobacco, forgetfulness, soundchecks, friendship, football and, of course, music. A few bits of PVC and aluminium that recapture a small but important chapter in the history of a small group, but at least for its members, an important one. As the chapter and the group were small, we have made a small film.

Data sheet

  • Director: Jon Martija
  • Year: 2023
  • Country: Spain
  • Length: 6 min.
  • Original language: Spanish
  • Leadings: Jon Martija, Miren Odriozola, Eduardo Vitoria, Mikel Navarro, Alberto Sainz de Murieta
  • Producers: Jon Martija

Jon Martija

Jon Martija

(Tolosa) Communicator Contributor to other media such as El Diario Vasco, EiTB, Argia and Egunkaria. After 23 years in the radio (Herri irratia and Onda Vasca) he became head of Communication, copywriter and digital content creator at the Dimensión agency. Since last year, he is also a podcaster at: Estamos Dentro, for EiTB Podkast. He was the singer of The Window Ventanas and currently a drummer for whoever lets himself. He has made many audiovisual contents but none of them have been screened in cinemas.