02/05. Tuesday

19:15 Trueba cinemas 1

Mío será otro cuerpo

Mariano Vespa (Mexico - 2023 - 10' - VO - Opera prima - European Premiere)

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Is it possible to sketch the biography of a ghost who dwells, mysteriously, on the margins of Argentine literature? The testimony of the famous musician Andrés Calamaro serves as a guide for the sketch of a portrait, tentative and present, of the eccentric writer and critic C.E. Feiling (1961-1997). The voice of remembrance, even in the tenacity of oblivion, contributes not only to the sketch of an exquisite writer but also presents an artist in his intimacy, who not only speaks of his great companion in his adventures yet also bears witness to a bohemian and cultural-political history that seems distant. Meanwhile, two friends, like a pair of wild detectives, snoop through the remnants of the Feiling library (1961-1997) in search of the traces of a cult author, a punk dandy who sailed against the tide of national letters and left behind a work and a brief but accurate life.

Data sheet

  • Director: Mariano Vespa
  • Year: 2023
  • Country: Mexico
  • Length: 18 min. 12 s.
  • Original language: Spanish
  • Leadings: Andrés Calamaro
  • Producers: Daniel Ángeles Hernández
  • Producers: Material Fantasma

Mariano Vespa

Mariano Vespa

Mariano Vespa (Tres Arroyos, Argentina; 1988). Graduate in Social Communication (University of Buenos Aires). He works as a cultural journalist and literary critic in different media. He is interested in the biographical genre in all its textures. He participated in the Film Programme (DI Tella University), the self-referential film workshop (EICTV, Havana) and the residencies Laboratorio Federal (Museo Sívori, Buenos Aires) and Faber/Lull (Insittuto Ramón Lull, Catalonia). He directed the short film Mío será otro cuerpo, a portrait of the writer C.E. Feiling. He published the book Inmersión, winner of the first María Elena Walsh novel prize.