02/05. Tuesday

19:15 Trueba cinemas 1

Footsteps. Journey of a song

Johannes Aitzetmüller (Austria - 2023 - 18' - VOSE - Spanish Premiere)

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In "Footsteps. Journey Of A Song" the Grammy-nominated musician and composer Manu Delago takes a look back on his Tyrolean origins, his international career and his love for the mountains. He is accompanied in the film by the British singer Isobel Cope who shares Manu's passion for both music and mountains. After studying music in Innsbruck, Manu went to London and was soon playing concerts around the world (including tours with Björk, Ólafur Arnalds and Anoushka Shankar). Isobel’s journey was the exact reverse. After working in London in the film industry she moved to Innsbruck following her passion for mountains and climbing. Manu and Isobel want to climb the Torre Delago. One of Manu's anscentors made the first ascent of this sharp peak in the Dolomites, Italy, over 100 years ago. Now, on this exposed summit ridge, they want to perform their song “Footsteps". A song that ponders the decisions of our ancestors and the path they lead us on. But they have no idea what hardships and hurdles are heading their way. Following his multi-award-winning mountain and music film “Parasol Peak”, film producer Johannes Aitzetmüller has created a very personal and extraordinary music-documentary. In “Footsteps” the twists and turns of life begin to take centre stage, pushing out the classic live-performance format.

Data sheet

  • Director: Johannes Aitzetmüller
  • Year: 2023
  • Country: Austria
  • Length: 18 min.
  • Original language: English
  • Leadings: Manu Delago
  • Producers: Johannes Aitzetmüller
  • Film company: Fancy Tree Films

Johannes Aitzetmüller

Johannes Aitzetmüller

Johannes Aitzetmüller is a film producer, director, cinematographer and film director based in Austria. He mainly makes films and videos in the field of outdoor sports, adventure and expedition.His film works include El Salvador - a hidden beauty, The White Maze and No Man’s Land.