02/05. Tuesday

19:15 Trueba cinemas 1

Esna Kanta

Arriguri (Spain - 2022 - 19' - VOSE - International Premiere)

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This documentary shows the innards of “Song of Awakening”, a song created by Eñaut Elorrieta for his album Fantasia (2022), produced by Aitor Etxebarria. It’s a long voyage through audio messages that both artists sent each other throughout the artistic process, to which the writer Iñigo Astiz later joins as lyricist of the song. It’s a piece with an uncommon narrative logic, in which the voice belongs to a real moment of the process of songmaking (when it was not foreseen that this documentary would be created) and the images work as an off, since they were recorded in the last phase of the songs creation. This way, in a surprising fashion, the spontaneity and naturalness of a now finished moment is rescued. The piece attempts to capture all the things we omitted from the creative process: decisions, friendship. impulse, passion, sweat, repetition, love… The keys to fabricate a spell, the hidden work behind beauty.

Data sheet

  • Director: Arriguri
  • Year: 2022
  • Country: Spain
  • Length: 19 min. 28 s.
  • Original language: Euskera
  • Leadings: Eñaut Elorrieta, Iñigo Astiz, Aitor Etxeberria
  • Producers: Liam McDonnell Aguirre, Sara Egia Agirre



Arriguri is a collective of Basque directors, who’ve formed a production company together to realize their own project and those of others. In the last years their music video work has stood out, as well as their commercial work on a smaller scale. They’ve developed their own style, centered around the attention to every minor detail and caring for the work of musicians with passion, offering each artist a unique perspective. That’s why "Song of Awakening” that started as a music video commission ended up becoming a documentary.