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Bide bazterrean Hi eta ni Kantari

Peru Galbete (Spain - 2023 - 10' - VOSE - Basque Country Premiere)

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We can find Joxean Artze's lyrics in essential songs, in the voice of Mikel Laboa or in the singing of a bird. But Joxean's relationship with music and sound comes from long before, he revived the txalaparta together with his brother and recorded several albums with this instrument. On the other hand, he left us three albums in which he works on the relationship between words and sound. This audiovisual piece has been created from these recordings.

Data sheet

  • Director: Peru Galbete
  • Year: 2023
  • Country: Spain
  • Length: 10 min.
  • Original language: Euskera
  • Leadings: Joxean Artze
  • Producers: Peru Galbete

Peru Galbete

Peru Galbete

Usurbil, 1987. He works mainly with voice and image, sometimes separately and other times putting them in relation. After studying cinematography in Bilbao, he combines audiovisual, musical and scenic works. He has done the photography and camera for several projects, such as the fiction feature film La Noche Del Ratón (2015) or the documentary short film Medvedek (2019). His first work as a director, Ura Sartu Zen Barrura, premiered in the Paisaia section of the Punto de Vista 2020 film festival.