06/05. Saturday

17:00 Principal Theater

Verde Prato

Sahatsa Jauregi (Spain - 2022 - 36’ - VO - Opera prima - International Premiere)

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Verde Prato is a concert that is suspended in space for a sculpture that is prolonged in time. It is also, and especially, an encounter with Ana Arsuaga, aka Verde Prato, and a performance celebration with friends at a time when meeting and being together felt very necessary.

Data sheet

  • Director: Sahatsa Jauregi
  • Year: 2022
  • Country: Spain
  • Length: 36 min.
  • Original language: Euskera, Spanish
  • Leadings: Ana Arsuaga, Estibaliz Gutierrez, Katrin Izagirre, Jone Loizaga, Raisa Álava, Taxio Ardanaz, Pablo Marte, Javi Molina, Leire San Martin, Loida Gómez, Sahatsa Jauregi, Marion Cruza Le Bihan, María Muriedas, Marcos Rico
  • Producers: Artiatx

Sahatsa Jauregi

Sahatsa Jauregi

Sahatsa Jauregi Azkarate (Itaparica, Brazil. 1984) is an artist and has been a member of the Okela Cultural Association for the last few years. Her work is mainly in the field of sculpture and has recently been shown in Tabakalera, Halfhouse, Azkuna Zentroa, The Ryder Gallery, The Goma Gallery and the Aparador Monteleón space. She has received several awards, including the ARCO Comunidad de Madrid 2023 Award, the Gure Artea Award for her creative activity in 2019 and the first Ertibil Award in 2017.