03/05. Wednesday

21:00 Kutxa Kultur Kluba - Tabakalera



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Espanto is a duo made up of Luis F. Bayo and Teresa Jimno who started recording demos in 2005. In addition to being university professors, they are a couple and lovers of literature. Musicians who have learned to do things as they go along. After recreating in their previous album the longing for a wild life, far from society, the duo from Logroño returns with a funny, sad and mysterious album about life in the city: Cemento. As if they were heirs to Rafael Azcona (a writer from Logroño renowned for his scripts for Berlanga, Ferrari, Trueba and many others), Teresa and Luis manage to create songs that are stories full of black humour and sensitivity in equal parts. Almost always based on the acute observation of the absurdity of everyday life, as in “La estatua”, which is freely inspired by a mysterious event in the city of Logroño in which four sculptures commissioned by the city council disappeared from the warehouse without a trace before being placed in their respective roundabouts.