05/05. Friday

20:00 Basque Gastronomy Brotherhood

Gastro Soul Party

Dock Of The Bay + Reggae Got Soul Collective

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In eating and dancing everything is a beginning: Dave Mack (Doncaster - UK), Gautxos (Mallorca / Bilbao), Roberto Tortuga (Baiona), Ritxi Skatalite (RGS).

Dave Mack. I’ve been collecting and DJing Ska, Rocksteady and Northern Soul for almost thirty years. I started running nights in Nottingham in the late 1990s, inspired by the amazing WASP SOUND SYSTEM (aka Tradition Hi-Fi). I was a regular fixture at London’s SET THE TONE ‘67, and I’ve played many events around the world over the last 15+ years - USA, Japan, Sweden, Spain, Norway, Germany, Austria.

Ritxi Skatalite. A regular suspect on the local scene and co-organiser of this humble project called Gastro Reggae. He has been a musical agitator for years (Donosti Reggae City, Reggae Beat Weekender and Gastro Reggae), as well as being a co-founding member of the local collective Reggae Got Soul - Original Boss Sounds selectors. In all these years, he has had the opportunity to take his suitcase to a thousand places, both in the Basque Country and in other countries, such as Switzerland, France, UK, Sweden, Austria among others. His sessions will focus on the rhythms of the glorious 60’s in Jamaica (Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae).

Roberto Tortuga. From Baiona, former member and co-founder of the Donostiarra collective, Reggae Got Soul - Original Boss Sound. He says he is still on the other side of the border, organising several parties dedicated to vinyl and Afro-American sounds from the 60’s and 70’s (Kalostrape Groove Klub, Keep Rollin’....). And, of course, he doesn’t miss the opportunity to travel with his briefcase, to share his love for music with good people.