Dock Of The Bay 2017 list of winners

Dock of The Bay 2017 Best Documentary:
Sad Vacation (Danny García / España / 2016).
For its well-documented narrative, which manages to create a new way of looking at one of the best-known legends of rock music, and for its ability to go beyond the conventional limits of the documentary by weaving the construction of a thriller into the plot.

Dock of The Bay 2017 Special Jury Commendation:
El Charro de Toluquilla (José Villalobos Romero / Mexico / 2016).
For its ability to get the most out of a distinctive personality and for its audacity in daring to add a layer of humour to a story that could be seen as a tragedy.

Dock Of The Bay 2017 Audience Prize:
Leonard Cohen. Bird on a Wire (Tony Palmer / Reino Unido / 1974).

2017 SADE Prize:
Geometría del Esplendor (José Ramón da Cruz / España / 2016).
For discovering and showcasing an original band outside any commercial current, and for its ability to mould its narrative language to the musical essence of the band.

2017 Gipuzkoa Provincial Authority Prize:
When the Earth seems to be light (S. Machaidze, T. Karumidze, D. Meskhi / Georgia, Alemania / 2015).
By observing young skaters, artists and musicians trapped between the power of the church and the political setting of the former Soviet republic of Georgia, this film offers a reflection on the need to find spaces for freedom and the search for answers to questions of universal relevance.