Bob Dylan: Don´t look back

Saturday 7 - 17:30 h. Principal Theater

D. A. Pennebaker - 96' - United States


D.A. Pennebaker’s documentary on Bob Dylan. A mythical documentary narrating Dylan’s British tour aged 23 in the spring of 1965. A story documented by a camera that follows him wherever he goes, the airport hotel, in conversation and at concerts, including the appearance of other artists such as Joan Baez, Donovan and Alan Price. A documentary which has gained in importance and influence with time. A documentary that deserves to be seen at least once in a lifetime.

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Director: D. A. Pennebaker
Year: 1967
Country: United States
Length: 96 min.
Original language: English
Leadings: Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Donovan, Price Alan, Albert Grossman, Bob Neuwirth
Film company: Pennebaker Hegedus Films Inc