When The Earth Seems To Be Light

Tuesday 10 - 21:15 h. Trueba cinemas

S. Machaidze, T. Karumidze, D. Meskhi - 78' - Georgia, Germany


In Georgia the skaters are artists and musicians. This documentary, as well as portraying them, takes us to their vital urban spaces, revealing the incredible beauty of their intimacy. They question everything and try to find their place in the world, through music, art and above all through skateboarding. This is a documentary that opens windows, drawing us into realities that surround us and that we imagine to be devoid of depth. But nothing further from the truth: these kids captivate us with a lesson on reflection and exploration.

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Director: S. Machaidze, T. Karumidze, D. Meskhi
Year: 2015
Country: Georgia, Germany
Length: 75 min.
Original language: Georgian
Leadings: Sandro Popxadze, Mischka Sulakauri, Giorgi Patarkacishvili, Mirian Sulakauri, Sandro Sulakauri, Giorgi Xvitia • NIka chavchavadze
Film company: Goslab