Moz and I

Friday 13 - 20:45 h. Trueba cinemas

Edgar Burgos, Esther Lopera - 63' - Spain


Moz and I is a documentary describing the fan phenomenon through the life of DJ Luis Le Nuit (Barcelona), the most unreserved and endearing fan of Steven Patrick Morrissey (The Smiths). Starting with this relationship, the documentary explores Le Nuit’s personal evolution as a DJ and Morrissey’s musical career, looking at the transformation of the national indie scene as it goes. Sidonie , McEnroe, Los Planetas and Dorian come together in this eye-opening movie.

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Director: Edgar Burgos, Esther Lopera
Year: 2016
Country: Spain
Length: 63 min.
Original language: Spanish
Leadings: Luis Le Nuit
Film company: La Chincheta comunicación