08.06. Tuesday

20:30 Trueba cinemas 1

The Sound Is Innocent

Johana Ožvold / Czech Republic, France, Slovakia (Opera prima - Spanish Premiere - 2019 - 68’ - VOSE)

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As if directing a science-fiction film, Johana Ožvold dissects the story of electronic music. From the pioneer sound engineers working behind the Iron Curtain, through the French avant-garde composers, up to the post-modern creators of digital sonic artefacts, the first-time filmmaker summons an abstract landscape that is haunting and yet achingly beautiful. A voice appears from old television screens forgotten in the maze of some futuristic archive where past and future seem to coexist in a complex and multi-layered way. The oblique strategies through which analog equipment and digital recording tactics create new possibilities are observed by the filmmaker with playful affection, like a scientist in his lab among his favorite tools and… toys. A documentary debut that challenges all the preconceived notions about the observational approach and manages to create an exhilarating landscape in which sound becomes and space dissolves itself in tones never heard before. A different kind of space odyssey.

Data sheet

  • Director: Johana Ožvold
  • Year: 2019
  • Country: Czech Republic, France, Slovakia
  • Length: 68 min.
  • Original language: English, French
  • Leadings: François Bonnet, Steve Goodman, Julia Rohruber, John Richards, Hannes Hoelzl, Alberto de Campo
  • Camera: Šimon Dvořáček
  • Editor: Zuzana Walter
  • Producers: Kristýna Michálek Květová
  • Film company: Cinémotif Films

Johana Ožvold

Johana Ožvold

Johana Ožvold graduated from FAMU, the film academy in Prague, department of directing in 2016. She Works as a curator at the Czech national film archive, regularly co-operates with the theatre scene and alternative spaces and appears in theatre as an actress, an improviser, a writer, a musician or a director. She collaborates with Czech Radio as a writer and a director of radio plays. Her artistic Works are crossing boundaries between fiction and documentary. Her bachelor student film “Hi, I’m doing fine” won the award for Best Documentary at the IFF Fresh Film Fest 2014, the Mise en scene Price at IFF in Poitiers and the award for Best Documentary at IFF FIGÉ 2014 i Paris. In 2015 she directed the short fiction films “Familiar Strangers” and “Process” which received the Special Jury Award at IFF Febiofest SK 2016. Her graduation fiction movie “Black Cake won the Best Film and Best Director awards at FAMUfest. “The Sound is Innocent” is Johana’s first feature-length documentary film.