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Gabriel Velazquetti, Manuel Matanza / Spain (2020 - 66’ - VO)

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One day you pack everything you can fit in a suitcase and leave your whole life behind. And one day you wake up in the van that has become your home near the U.S.-Mexico border. And at fifty years old you look back and wonder if it's worth all the sacrifice to be a rock star. You wonder if it's the last chance to turn back, or if it's the last chance to dive forever into the tantalizing waters of the underground.

Data sheet

  • Director: Gabriel Velazquetti, Manuel Matanza
  • Year: 2020
  • Country: Spain
  • Length: 66 min.
  • Original language: Spanish
  • Leadings: Pablo Crespo, Marieta V. Salvi (L.A.Drones!)
  • Camera: Manuel Matanza
  • Editor: Manuel Matanza, Gabriel Velazquetti
  • Producers: Gabriel Velazquetti
  • Film company: Escorado Producción

Gabriel Velazquetti & Manuel Matanza

Gabriel Velazquetti & Manuel Matanza

Gabriel Velázquez Martín (Gabriel Velazquetti) is a self-taught filmmaker born in Salamanca. He has gained recognition since his beginnings in 1996, when he won the Luis Buñuel Cinematography Award with his first short film "En Madison siempre es lunes (It's always Monday in Madison)”. Since then, he has made eight feature films as producer and director, premiered at prestigious international festivals such as Berlin, Rotterdam, San Sebastian, etc. He makes a non-conformist cinema, looking for new cinematographic challenges. On this occasion he presents, together with Manuel Matanza, "Subterranean", an exciting, fresh and daring film.

Manuel Matanza was born in Salamanca where he studied Image and Sound. In 2005 he founded the production company Franja Producciones Audiovisuales together with other professionals in the sector, where he worked as a producer in commercials. Since 2007 he works as a scriptwriter and assistant director with Gabriel in titles such as "Amateurs", "Iceberg" and "Ártico", all of them internationally awarded. In "Zaniki" he debuted as director of photography. Here he presents "Subterranean", a feature film that he directs with Gabriel Velazquetti and where he is also in charge of cinematography.