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Canto porque tengo que vivir

Santiago Moga Perpén, Carlos Reverte Gómez / Spain (2020 - 18’ - VO)

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“I sing to stay alive” is an invitation to a world packed with images and honest reflections about art, the artistic condition and flamenco. It is an invitation to acknowledge the audience as observers and judges of his music. Israel Fernández relates our reality to his poetic world, where he freely expresses through singing. In this documentary we will acknowledge the artist, his origins, background and singing. The portrait depicted describes the way Israel Fernádnez sees life and the way he approaches the audience so we can understand gipsy culture and flamenco.

Data sheet

  • Director: Santiago Moga Perpén, Carlos Reverte Gómez
  • Year: 2020
  • Country: Spain
  • Length: 18 min.
  • Original language: Spanish
  • Leadings: Israel Fernández
  • Camera: Santiago Moga Perpén
  • Editor: Santiago Moga Perpén
  • Producers: Carlos Reverte Gómez
  • Film company: Larache Producciones

Santiago Moga Perpén & Carlos Reverte Gómez

Santiago Moga Perpén & Carlos Reverte Gómez

Graduated as a director of photography by ESCAC, Santiago Moga's first short as student work is "La curiosa conexión de Juanentonce y Kripton". Released at Malaga film festival in 2010. In 2012 Santiago won a scholarship granted by ESCAC and INCINE. It will allow him to film two documentaries in Ecuador. One of them as director of photography, “Esperando en Vilcabamba”, and another one as director, “Bonches de pedro Moncayo en la mitad del mundo”. After a period of time working in fashion and commercials, Santiago directs a musical documentary about the flamenco singer Israel Fernandez. The film depicts his way of live and his music.

Born in Jerez de la Frontera and raised in Melilla, he settled in Malaga at the age of 18, where he completed his university studies in Environmental Sciences. Since he was young he has been interested in flamenco and photography, being at this university stage where he delves into both disciplines. He creates his own blog where he develops criticism and documentary photography on flamenco. He continues to develop both disciplines in the Diario Sur de Málaga. His activism grows during his stay in Madrid, where he is part of the board of the Círculo Flamenco de Madrid and begins to enter cultural management. Finally he decides to create his own company, Larache Producciones, specialized in artista management, programming development and production of shows related to flamenco art. During all this time he continues to carry out his photographic work.