09.06. Wednesday

20:00 Dabadaba

Waiting for B

Paulo Cesar Toledo, Abigail Spindel / Brazil (2015 - 71’ - VOSE)

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A documentary that shows us a group of Beyoncé's fans camping outdoors for two months to ensure their place up front at her 2013 concert in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A funny documentary that tells us about the fan phenomenon, but above all explains how, in this extravagant fashion way, a group of young gay people, persecuted in the city, finally find their own voice, a voice for their rights.

Data sheet

  • Director: Paulo Cesar Toledo, Abigail Spindel
  • Year: 2015
  • Country: Brazil
  • Length: 71 min.
  • Original language: Portugues
  • Leadings: Gabriela Electra, Vítor Lopes, Rogério Sousa, Rick Caled
  • Music: Mario Margarido, Zema Tämatchan, Serginho Rezende
  • Camera: Abigail Spindel, Paulo Cesar Toledo
  • Editor: Abigail Spindel
  • Producers: Abigail Spindel, Paulo Cesar Toledo, Tatiana Quintella, Bruno Rossi
  • Film company: Videosfera

Paulo Cesar Toledo & Abigail Spindel

Paulo Cesar Toledo & Abigail Spindel

Paulo Cesar Toledo (1975, Brazil) studied at the Methodist University of São Paulo, specialising in Radio and Television. After graduating, he worked as a cameraman and editor of numerous documentary productions. The documentary “Waiting for B.” (2015), made with Abigail Spindel, is his directorial debut.

Abigail Spindel (USA) is an editor, cinematographer and filmmaker based in São Paulo. “Waiting for B.” (2015), made with Paulo Cesar Toledo, is her directorial feature debut.