12.06. Saturday

17:00 Principal Theater

The Mystery of the Pink Flamingo

Javier Polo / Spain (2020 - 90’ - VOSE)

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Rigo Pex is a serious, logical but eccentric sound engineer who dreams of a strange phenomenon that disturbs him: The Pink Flamingo. The flamingo, this pink, stylized and androgynous bird with an unsettling look, has an incredible magnetism. Rigo is both attracted and disgusted. He tries to ignore it, but it is inevitable. These pink birds seem to follow him everywhere as signs that lead Rigo on an investigation to reveal their mysterious meaning. He will study their impact on our society and eventually travel to the United States, to meet a series of disparate characters that reinforce his personality with the figure of the bird: Internet sensation Pink Lady of Hollywood, music guru Alle Willis, pop band Kero Kero Bonito or cult filmmaker John Waters, among many others.Rigo will be our guide along this journey on how icons can help us find our own identity and eventually change our lives.

Data sheet

  • Director: Javier Polo
  • Year: 2020
  • Country: Spain
  • Length: 90 min.
  • Original language: Spanish
  • Leadings: Rigo Pex-Meneo, Antonio Marest, Eduardo Casanova, Sixto García, John Waters, Allee Willis
  • Camera: Guillermo Polo, Arturo Fons
  • Editor: Yago Muñiz
  • Producers: Gerard Rodriguez, Merli Freixa,Frank Lucas
  • Film company: Los Hermanos Polo, Japonica Films

Javier Polo

Javier Polo

Javier Polo is a young Valencian filmmaker who shares his passion for documentaries and the world of fiction with advertising. His love for music and travel has influenced his career since its inception, as can be seen in his first feature-length documentary, "Europe in 8 bits" (2013). A film that won several awards and was screened at some of the major international film festivals such as IDFA, the Miami International Film Festival, the Milan Film Festival or the Malaga Film Festival among others. It was also exhibited on television in more than twenty countries around the world. In 2017 he created with his brother the production company Los Hermanos Polo, with which they develop and produce fiction and documentary content. “The Mystery of the Pink Flamingo” is their first feature film together, co-produced with Japonica Films and RTVE and was selected at South By Southwest for its world premiere although it was cancelled due to the coronavirus. It was finally premiered as the opening film at the Mostra de Valencia and has so far been screened at Raindance, Abycine and In-Edit Festival until reaching Rizoma.