11.06. Friday

20:00 Dabadaba

Samantha Hudson: Una historia de fe, sexo y electro-queer

Joan Porcel / Spain (2018 - 71’ - VOSE)

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Samantha Hudson has more than 140,000 followers on Instagram, is the queen of the Madrid nightlife, has been the campaign image of brands like Jean-Paul Gautier, has acted in national series and has even participated in the gala of the last edition of the Feroz awards. But this film does not talk about any of this. It talks about her origins. I'm a faggot and I like Jesus Christ. So begins the first song of the iconoclast Samantha Hudson. She was a high school icon and now she's an Instagram icon. Aspiring actress, improvised showman and queer icon, she tours Spain doing gigs and, above all, continues to project her unprejudiced and vindictive image on the networks. Many admire her, others hate her, but she leaves no one indifferent. Behind the mask, the skin. Behind the character, the person. And the documentary reflects that bipolarity, that duality that exists between her real life and the one she systematically projects on the networks. Like any of us.

Data sheet

  • Director: Joan Porcel
  • Year: 2018
  • Country: Spain
  • Length: 60 min.
  • Original language: Spanish
  • Leadings: Samantha Hudson, Marc Ferrer, Adrià Arbona, Selena Winters Kevin Qué Bien
  • Camera: Joan Porcel
  • Editor: Eric Monteagudo
  • Producers: Quim Otero y Martí Torrebadella
  • Film company: Filmin con la colaboración de IB3 Televisió y La Perifèrica Produccions.

Joan Porcel

Joan Porcel

Joan Porcel (Palma, 1994). Graduate in Audiovisual Communication. In 2016 he studied a Master's Degree in Theory and Practice of Creative Documentary at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). In 2018 he presents his debut feature, “Samantha Hudson: A story of faith, sex and electro-queer". The film is produced by FILMIN and is selected for a long list of national and international festivals, including the Audience Award for Best Spanish Work at the LesGaiCineMad festival (Madrid). In 2020, “Sempre Dijous”, a feature film that chronicles the creative process of the Mallorcan singer Júlia Colom over the course of a year, won the Jury Prize for Best National Documentary at the In-Edit Festival (Barcelona).