07 - 12.06.

12:00 - 17:00 - 20:00 Kutxa Kultur Plaza - Tabakalera

Synchresis 45: "The body, the gesture"

In collaboration with Musikene. Commissioners: Stefano Scarani and Julia Chiner (56')

The growing interest that more and more musical composers are directing to audiovisual creation, especially in the electroacoustic field, has contributed to the development of particular languages and expressive forms, where image and music seem to meet in a singular artistic manifestation, through a common language. In the course of time this genre has slowly searched for an identity that we can identify under the title of Videomusic. The aim of Synchresis is the promotion of Videomusic as an emerging genre and artistic language. The Synchresis project was created by Stefano Scarani and Julia Chiner, in collaboration with the Spanish Association of Sound Art and Electro-acoustic Music (AMEE) in 2011.