14.01. Tuesday

21:45 Trueba cinemas 1

OUTDEH - The Youth of Jamaica

Louis Amon Josek / Germany (2019 / 78’ / VOSE)

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A film that portrays the youth of Jamaica: a new generation in transition, determined to get out of old and set structures in society and culture and contribute with their fresh mindset and strength to a new understanding of the island.

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Louis Amon Josek


Louis Amon Josek

Louis Josek, born in 1994 in Cologne Germany, is a young film director. After several years of working on multiple film productions as a DOP, Louis finally found his role as a director and developed his artistry, which is beyond the mainstream: young, fresh and intimate. OUTDEH is his debut film, portraying the quest of the youth of Jamaica and a profound cultural change on this is- land. It is not only a documentary on the struggles and first steps of a new generation but also a first step for the director himself to leave his trace on the ground of artistic cinema.