14.01. Tuesday

21:45 Trueba cinemas 1

Musical Voyage (A trilingual abstraction by Lee-Ann Curren)

Patrick Trefz / United States (2019 / 10’ / VOSE)

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Musical Voyage travels from Biarritz to San Francisco through Lee-Ann's musical mind that tells us about her dreams and the connection between music and surfing.

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Patrick Trefz


Patrick Trefz

Patrick Trefz lives and works in Santa Cruz, California. Trefz is an award-winning art/ documentary/action photographer and filmmaker. He has been recognized for three critically acclaimed feature-length documentaries: Thread (2007), Idiosyncrasies (2010) and Surfers' Blood (2016). He has directed multiple music videos, commercials, and shorts. Trefz’ work is known nationally and internationally for work in publications including SurferS Journal, Big, Geo, and The New York Times. Trefz is the author of Santa Cruz: Visions of Surf City (SolidPublishing, 2002), Thread (powerHouse, 2009), and Surfers’ Blood (powerHouse,2012).