15.01. Wednesday

21:45 Trueba cinemas 1

The rise of the synths

Iván Castell / United States, Spain (2019 / 90’ / VOSE)

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A journey back in time to the roots of a musical scene known as Synthwave, a mix of modern electronic music with nostalgia for the pop culture of the 80s. Starting from Drive or Stranger Things takes us to Tron, Blade Runner or Miami Vice, among many others. A movement that owns the italo-disc, technopop, krautrock, heavy metal, the soundtracks of Moroder, Tangerine Dream or closer references such as Daft Punk and Justice.

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Iván Castell


Iván Castell

Ivan Castell is a director and editor (co-founder of Castell & Moreno) of Zaragoza. His directorial debut came in 2008 with the short film Nave # 527, presented in audiovisual markets such as Clermont-Ferrand (France). The film is convirtió́ in a viral phenomenon and had great impact in the national media. In 2014 he debuted in the long documentary Trovadores, a film that explores the careers of underground artists who continue to fight to live off music.

Always related to the musical universe, he has also made videos for groups such as The Closers (King of Patio Records), Hankat (Sounds of Copenhagen Records), Grossomo- do (Rap Solo) and Calavera (Doma Clásica).

He has worked as main editor in films such as Justi&Cia (2014) and Muchos piezas de algo (2015. Malaga Festival) or the documentary El precio de la risa (2017).