18.01. Saturday

22:30 Principal Theater

Mystify - Michael Hutchence - INXS

Richard Lowenstein / Australia (2019 / 102’ / VOSE)

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A journey into the heart and soul of Michael Hutchence, internationally renowned lead-singer of INXS, a complex and shy man who spent the bulk of his life in the public eye, rarely revealing his true self to anyone except his very close friends.

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Richard Lowenstein


Richard Lowenstein

Richard Lowenstein has directed and produced five feature films including Strikebound, Dogs In Space, Say A Little Prayer, He Died With A Felafel In His Hand and the feature documentary We’reLivin’ On Dog Food.

He has also produced two award-winning satirical TV series for SBS, John Safran’s Music Jamboree and John Safran versus GOD as well as the documentary Intangible Asset Number 82. He is a partner in the Melbourne- based production company GHOST, and a partner in the feature film production company Fandango Australia Pty Ltd with producer Sue Murray.