Seminar Dock Of The Bay

“Narratives of the Real”

KM Kulturunea, 12th January 2017


Fernando Golvano

Fernando Golvano

Lecturer in the area of Aesthetics and Theory of art, attached to the Department of Philosophy of Values and Social Anthropology, since 2001. He teaches in the Faculty of Philosophy and in the Faculty of Arts. His main lines of research are: aesthetic theory, art and politics; artistic vanguards in the sixties and seventies in the Basque context; political philosophy and theories of democracy; critical theory, and the thought of Castoriadis. He has published on Castoriadis, Adorno and philosophy today. He was also responsible for the critical edition of Oteiza’s essay Ley de los Cambios (2013). He has also published studies of the Gaur group and about contemporary artists including Warhol, Oteiza, Amable Arias, Basterretxea, Ameztoy, Zurriarain, Raúl Urrutikoetxea and others. Since 1994 he has curated numerous exhibitions including Amable Arias: Dar forma al caos y al azar (2013), Laboratorios 70 (2009), Oteiza: memoria y apropiaciones (2008), Anamnesis (2007), Disidencias otras (2004), Constelación Gaur (2004) and Sagrado-Profano. Vicente Ameztoy, (2000). He has contributed as an art critic to Periódico del Arte, Sublime, Exitexpress, Exitbook, Ondare, REKarte and other publications.