Seminar Dock Of The Bay

“Narratives of the Real”

KM Kulturunea, 12th January 2017


Alejandro Díaz

Alejandro Díaz

Since 2000 he has written for publications like Miradas de Cine, Tren de Sombras, Lumière, Transit, La Furia Umana, Caimán – Cuadernos de Cine (previously Cahiers du cinéma – España) and Rockdelux. He began his career as a programmer at FICXixón, and has run the programming department of the Seville European Film Festival since 2012. He has also published the book Olvidos vergonzosos ('Shameful Forgetting', 2015), and wrote and directed the short Ihesa, chosen for the 2016 Kimuak catalogue.