Leonard Cohen. Bird On A Wire

Sunday 8 - 18:15 h. Principal Theater

Tony Palmer - 105' - United Kingdom


In 1971, Leonard Cohen's manager commissioned the director Tony Palmer to film a documentary about the Canadian singer-songwriter's upcoming European tour. The only condition the film-maker stipulated was that he would have no obstacles of any kind to filming whatever he wanted. The resulting film portrayed the artist so truthfully, showing what went on behind the scenes so authentically, that both the singer and his representative rejected the final version. In 2009, Palmer was able to recover the two hundred tins of celluloid with most of the material he had shot, and spent two years reconstructing Bird on a Wire according to his original idea, so creating one of the most revealing music documentaries in history.

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Director: Tony Palmer
Year: 1974
Country: United Kingdom
Length: 105 min.
Original language: English
Leadings: Leonard Cohen, Ron Cornelius, Bob Johnston, Peter Marshal, David O'Connor, Jennifer Warnes, Donna Washburn
Film company: Isolde Films